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For this project, I created an interface that allowed new incoming or transfer college students to find, explore, and understand clubs and organizations offered at their campus. The interface had to allow students to easily navigate through all possible organizations as well as allow students to propose a potential organization to the university.

Problem Statement

It is a new school year and the new incoming students want to begin their college experience by exploring and joining clubs and organizations on campus.

The students need a way to browse, search, and propose new student organizations so that they have the ability to view the vast array of clubs and organizations on campus and choose the one that is best for them.


Problem Solution

We need to create an interface that allows students the ability to pick and choose the clubs and organizations that they would want to learn more about.

The students will also have the ability to filter their searches to their specific interests so that they can maximize their time spent browsing all clubs and organizations on campus.

Use Cases

As an incoming freshmen in college,
I want a navigable interface to browse clubs and organizations
So that I can learn about all the clubs or organizations on campus

As an incoming student in college,
I want the ability to filter and input my particular interests
So that I can quickly and efficiently find an organization that aligns with my interests

As a student,
I want an accessible way to propose a new organization
So that I can effectively introduce a new club

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